Here’s to the bus driver

Let me set the stage:

It’s 6:59 AM and I can hear a horn honking repeatedly somewhere in my dreams. It may or may not be real. It may be just down the street. Either way, I’m not concerned. I roll over and try to catch a few more z’s.

Five minutes later and the honking is now nearly continuous. I assume our garbage man has hit a car, the curbside trash can or a small child. I go to our office window to discover a Cobb County Public Schools bus outside our house. A woman, the driver, exits and places a hand-written not on my car and the two cars opposite it, also parked on the street. Seems the bus couldn’t make it between the cars.

Here’s the text of her note:

Please do NOT park in the street.
School buses can not pass.
– The Bus Driver

Poor woman had to put the bus in reverse and back up the entire length of our street, maybe 500 to 600 yards. If I hadn’t been so tired or annoyed, I might have moved my car. Or if she’d have knocked on our door.

As it was, the last noise I heard before drifting back to sleep was the beep-beep-beep of the bus in reverse. To that end, here’s a celebratory song for bus drivers everywhere.

Here’s to the bus driver, bus driver, bus driver!
Here’s to the bus driver, the bus driver (wo)man!
(S)He drinks and (s)he cusses and wrecks all the buses!
Here’s to the bus driver, the bus driver (wo)man!

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