Blogging Harry Potter

Given the traffic and comments on my two recent posts about the last Harry Potter book, I think I’m on to something. Here are the links for the interested:

Harry Potter: Horcrux
Harry Potter Horcrux Redux

Regardless of whether or not you agree with my theories, I’m getting a ton of traffic just from the discussion. And if there’s one thing the blogosphere is good for it’s generating traffic around discussions that folks find interesting.

But how do I keep that search engine love flowing my direction? How do I continue to blog regularly without converting this site into

The answer is simple: start a community blog called

I just bought the domain and I should have WordPress up and running in no time. I’ll just be waiting on DNS to propogate over the weekend and I should be totally set by Monday.

With the amount of reach I’ve got at the moment, it wouldn’t be hard to find some intrepid bloggers who want to help me out. Plus, I can make some Google AdSense money or try out Yahoo! Publisher’s Network on the new blog. Add to that some potential promotion via HP fansites or message boards and I’ve got a killer entrepreneurial idea.

Just don’t steal it out from under me. I’ve got your IP address logged.

UPDATE: is now live and accepting authors. Join now!

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