Air Conditioning

I’m not paying my hard-earned cash to cool the out-of-doors. In fact, the opposite is happening. The searing August heat of Georgia is currently slow-roasting my entire family. You see, the air conditioner is broken.

Weeks ago, Jenn asked me to check the unit, and I made a half-hearted attempt in the growing darkness. I couldn’t open the unit with a screwdrive. The night was rapidly approaching. I didn’t want to dirty my shoes spraying the hose to loosen up clogged vents. I was tired and I copped it.

Big mistake.

Just this past week, we’ve been running the AC three degrees cooler than the unit is cooling the house. Set to 72, expect the inside temp to reach 75. Reset, wait, reheat, repeat. It sucks and we were getting burned (literally and figuratively) in the process.

So over the weekend Jenn researches HVAC contractors/repair services and both of us had scheduled calls to make today. You guessed it; neither of us called.

Now I’m here in front of the computer screen seriously wondering if being naked would be wearing too much clothing and waiting for the on-call technician to contact me with an emergency estimate. Given our recent cat illness-related expenses, I can just hear the cash being sucked out of our checking account.

Best-case scenario: under $100 and we sleep here tonight

Worst-case scenario: several hundred dollars and we bunk with my in-laws

UPDATE: The on-call repairman is coming by within the hour and his call fee is $89 plus repairs and parts. So hopefully $150 or less.

Keep your fingers crossed and your beer cold; I might be stopping by later on. Updates as they occur.

UPDATE II: $445 for a service call, new compressor and new motor. Would have been $569, but I opted for the one-year heating and cooling service agreement.

Temp is now 84 degrees and dropping. Sleep tight, everyone.

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