The 4400

I could talk about the USA Network’s show The 4400 if I watched or enjoyed. I don’t on either count, so I won’t comment or venture more commentary.

Instead, I’ve been waiting weeks (weeks, I tell you) to post about the amount of spam in my Gmail account and finally that time has arrived.


The 4400

Sick, innit (the spam, not my hijacking of ‘The 4400’ meme)?

No one should ever have this much spam foisted upon them. Luckily, I’ve only actually seen about 1% of them, since Gmail’s spam-catching tools place most of them directly in the spam folder.

May your inbox stay spam-free as well.

One thought on “The 4400

  1. Ok, I torrented the 4400…
    and boy oh boy am I glad I did!!
    this is great series!!
    wow, I have no beef letting anyone into my world via my vlog…and thanks to the al-mighty muppet…I am in the know about this great show!! Thanks Seth for every sentence you pound out!! rock n roll

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