Bulldogs Bit

Take the post title any way you want it, either as an indictment of UGA’s scoring drives in the second half (Bulldog’s Bit) or of MSU’s hand-cuffing on offense all night (Bulldogs, Bit).

Here are the numbers that matter from Saturday night’s win in Starkville, my Georgia Bulldogs over the Bulldogs or Mississippi State:

The score should’ve been better for UGA asd worse for MSU.

Good pass effeciency for Shockley.

Yards passing for Shockley.

Yards per carry for UGA. It’ll have to be better if we want to win at Neyland in two weeks.

Here’s the quick take from CollegeFootballNews.com:

Considering the weather conditions against Mississippi State, Georgia has to be happy to get in and get out with a relatively easy win. The running could’ve used more pop only averaging 2.8 yards per carry, and the pass protection could’ve been a lot better, but the defense was excellent stopping the Bulldog running game cold. With two weeks off to prepare for Tennessee, this was a good game to go into the bye week on.

A week off and then a big trip up to Knoxville. Go Dawgs!

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  1. Josh says:

    I am fortunate to have a ticket to the Oct. 8 showdown in Agent Orange country. Any messages you’d like me to pass along to Fat Phil while I’m up there?

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