Rent My DVR

Rent My DVR is the new digital file-trading site that just might be more illegal than BitTorrent.

Basically, anyone can request an episode of a TV show or movie on TV and someone with a DVR provides the file electronically. There is a bounty for each show, so DVR-owners actually get some dough for their trouble.

Here’s an official synopsis:

Now you don’t have to remember to program your DVR or VHS to record you favorite TV show. With the Rent My DVR site you can simple hire someone that will do the recording for you.

Simply file a request on our site to have someone record for you and as soon as a new episode of your favorite show has been broadcasted, it is downloaded automatically to your computer and you can watch it whenever you want.

There’s a Flash Demo if you’re interested.

I’ve just signed up and I’ll let you know my thoughts after I’ve played with the system.

It seems terribly sketchy though. Paying someone to give you a digital copy of a show (most likely without ads) seems a bit worse than just grabbing it off a peer-t0-peer network.

Plus, it seems like the proprietary software is geared towards folks who want to rent DVR services, not those with DVRs (like me) who are kind-hearted enough to share.

My 2 cents.

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