Did the Fraggles inspire the Friends?

Did the Fraggles inspire the Friends?

It may seem like a silly question, but I say yes.

Here’s my breakdown:

  • Gobo == Joey
  • Both leading men who were the central focus of the show. I figure since Joey got a spin-off, that’s applicable. It’s a stretch, but this is the most lovable character in both series.

  • Mokey == Phoebe
  • Both are artists and very flighty.

  • Wembley == Chandler
  • Endearingly indecisive and everything Gobo (Joey) isn’t.

  • Red == Rachel
  • The unique hairstlye, the can-do attitude, the enthusiasm. They share them all.

  • Boober == Ross
  • Both are intelligent worriers who try to gussy up the deadly boring by enjoying it.

  • Any Doozer == Monica
  • Since there are 6 Friends and only 5 Fraggles, I had to make one crazy connection. The Doozers are always busy, very fastidious and organized just like Monica.

The Fraggles

The Friends

While Fraggle Rock might not have directly influenced Friends, I think there are some interesting parallels within the two casts.

More fraggle/friend blogging later.

There you have it. Not necessarily a very scholarly breakdown, but I think it’s a theory worth considering. .

Or at least forwarding to your friends or fraggles.

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