David Koechner vs. Rob Corddry

I swear to you that, up until recently, I thought David Koechner and Rob Corddry were one and the same person. FYI, they’re not, but I was young and foolish then, I feel old and foolish now.

See these images for reference:

David Koechner
David Koechner

Rob Corddry
Rob Corddry

Granted, David Koechner looks a little different in some roles (in several he has a moustache) and Rob Corddry is working that little hair island in the front, but they’re the same guy.

Same dimpled smile. Same hippocratic baldness. Very similar voices. They’ve both been in Will Ferrell movies (Koechner == Anchorman, Corddry == Old School).

Color me surprised that David Koechner and Rob Corddry aren’t the same guy.

4 thoughts on “David Koechner vs. Rob Corddry

  1. Czar says:

    I swear to you that, up until recently, i too thought that Dave and Rob were one and the same person. Im glad to see im not the only who thought so. We should definitely meet up sometime and talk more about it over a couple blunts.

  2. whoadude says:

    whoa are you serious i really thought theyy were the same person i was like wtf that guy is playing 2 roles in semi-pro then i found out some how they were diffrent

  3. Justo says:

    I thought they were the same guy too. A few years ago I was watching this show called Naked Trucker and T-bones, and T-bones was cracking me up and I said; “That Rob Corddry is one funny motherfucker.” and then my friend said; “That’s not Rob Corddry!”
    I was like; “Yeah it is!”
    So we beat the shit out of eachother, but the argument never got setteled!
    It wasn’t until a few minutes ago that it occurred to me to look it up on the internet, and I’ll be damned if they weren’t 2 different guys!
    If we hadn’t been totally drunk we might have thought to read the credits, but bthen who the fuck watches Comedy central sober?

  4. Krystian says:

    I literally just discovered that they are not the same guy! I was just trying to see how he is able to play an older version of himself so often. Well guess what, it’s just a different actor! LOL

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