Lost: Dharma Initiative login

There are more than a few official and unofficial Lost sites out there vying for your attention concerning The Dharma Initiative. Here is my brief breakdown of a few of these sites.

For those of you searching for more clues to the Dharma Initiative login, found at Dharma Initiative (http://www.thedharmainitiative.info/) – also linked from Dharma Industries (http://www.dharmaindustries.com/) – I’ve got some clues.

First, Dennis in the comments section of another Lost post, points out this handy, dandy hotspot graphic (or this alternate graphic, which works better for me) for all you hopless clickers. I can never seem to get any of them to work, but others are reporting success.

There’s another unofficial Dharma Initiative site at The Dharma Initiative (http://thedharmainitiative.org/). Here there is an even more vexing login screen that appears, at last check, to be pretty unbreakable. All I know is that if you click the Swan you get the Orientation video. Help is welcome and encouraged.

As for official sites, if you try to go to the secure server of the Hanso Foundation (official Lost viral site), you get a text link to
http://www.bigspaceship1.com/. BigSpaceship1.com features a flash animation of two bears and some morse code in the page title:

… — — . – .. — . … / .- / .–. — .-.. .- .-. / -… . .- .-. / .. … / .— ..- … – / .- / .–. — .-.. .- .-. / .–. . .- .-.

Here’s the translation of that morse code:

Sometimes / A / Polar / Bear / Is / Just / A / Polar / Pear

“Sometimes a Polar Bear is just a Polar Pear”

Doesn’t make sense to me, but I’m not the producers of Lost. Maybe it works as a code on oceanicflight815.com?

No dice. I tried ‘sometimesapolarbearisjustapolarpear’ and ‘sometimesapolarbearisjustapolarbear’ – neither worked.

If you’ve got other clues about logging in to the official or unofficial fan sites, leave a comment.

Also, if you’re interested, I’m selling Dharma Initiative T-Shirts!

UPDATE: Hunter Maxim in the comments notes that Big Spaceship1.com has changed it’s cryptic message to the following morse code:

.. -. / –. .. .-. ..- — / .. — ..- … / -. — -.-. – . / . – / -.-. — -. … ..- — .. — ..- .-. / .. –. -. ..

He translates the message as the following: “In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni”

Information on this riddle of a Latin palindrome here.

“We go into the circle by night and we are consumed by fire.”

Or, alternatively:

This famous maccaronic verse, called “the devil’s verse”, is a riddle in the form of a palindrome – literally a puzzle inside a puzzle… It means “we wander in the night, and are consumed by fire” or “we enter the circle after dark and are consumed by fire” and is said to describe the movement of months. Some others believe that it is about the ‘mayfly’, that insect that circles the fire only to be consumed by flame.

Perhaps instead of polar bears we should be concerned about mayflys or the 540-day stay for those in the hatch? Who knows at this point.

UPDATE II: Malakai, in the comments of another post, notes that the Flash file of Dharma Initiative (http://www.thedharmainitiative.info/), upon his inspection, only has 3 hotspots and never resolves. One site down, just the login/password of The Dharma Initiative (http://thedharmainitiative.org/) to go. If you’ve got clues, this would be the place to post them.

UPDATE III: If you keep mousing over the area around 7 o’clock at http://www.dharmaindustries.com/ you’ll eventually get to a screen that looks like the computer terminal inside the hatch. Enter the numbers and you’ll receive a prompt asking for a “Member ID”. I’m thinking it’s the name of the dude who “rescued” Desmond, but I don’t recall his name. Anyone?

UPDATE IV: I’ve got two recent posts up about the new Hanso Foundation site – [here] & [here].

UPDATE V: I’m closing the comments. Comment on the Hanso Foundation posts listed above. That’s an official site by the producers anyhow.

392 thoughts on “Lost: Dharma Initiative login

  1. finder says:

    seem that it’s not doing any more but when i click on the date october 28 2003 when to a different page witha globe of the world

  2. Adam Griffiths says:

    the answer to the world map everyone is talking about with the men and money signs. for the boxes with the spaces where you can type an answer copy what the writing says and type it into the google search engine and you’ll get the answer. after doing this you should be taken onto a whole different page enjoy!

  3. Adam Griffiths says:

    to reply to kendra’s message. if you go to the mathematical page on hanso there is a link on the right hand side of the page near the pollution picture click on that it will take you to the map.

  4. Adam Griffiths says:

    Also can i ask where you find them numbers which mean missing organs because i’ve clicked on the island and nothing comes up under the grey boxes. do i have to do something else.

  5. costanzo says:

    Under the picture of Peter Thompson on Executive Bios there is a hidden text box. I have tried The mouth piece and missing organs but nothing happens. Anyone found something that works?

  6. liam says:

    btw jus thought u mite like to know that i am english, and that i dont actually stay on a computer til midnite…

    thankyou, and namaste

  7. costanzo says:

    Found out if you enter survivorguilt in the hidden text box under Peter Thompson’s pic you get some stuff.

    And “The mouthpiece” in the login details for Hugh Mcintyre

  8. Jack says:

    Why dont you guys just wait to see whats gona happen?

    Everytime you guys found something new, they change it.

    You cant break the code. Trust me.

    They are having more fun than you belive me.

    My only Hint: check Dharma with Buda. find out what it really means.

  9. nick says:

    Whats with the button at the buttom right which moves the blue orbs around in the back round anything with that or just moving the orbs????

  10. cyrus says:

    Adam Griffiths, you’re a genius!! (about the WWPD map). I found the right numbers but I did’nt get to another page… The guy is just shining in white, blue and green… Really nice… Maybe they changed it.

  11. bigchiefcrazyfeet says:

    Sorry, I’m new to all this but has anyone else been to the mathematics page of the Hanso site, right clicked on the map forecast link and clicked play? I did and got the folllowing message:

    “The Hanso Foundation website has been hacked…

    What’s this all about?

  12. Mr Eko says:

    “Sometimes a polar bear is just a polar bear”

    This is more than likely referancing to a quote by psychodynamic physchologist Sigmund Freud who said “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” which basically means that you dont always have to look deep for answers, sometimes you should take things at face value.

    Im beginning to get a steady theory on Lost, look about on the secret parts of the hanso foundation website. VERY interesting stuff.

    Carpe Diem

  13. Fergo says:

    Hi all this is my first post on here an ive been following the game for a good while now

    me an my mate are from england and we have seen all of the episodes of series two, i was wonderin if anyone else has seen the last episode and think that the man that rings penny to say i think we found desmond looks like Jack Shepard?

    Also, have anyone heard about Rachel Blake in the lost experience game????

  14. Nikolai says:

    Hey hey the nikolaister is back after a prolonged absence. I was reading all your recent posts and cae across a post by sonicmfc which gave a link to:
    Now I thought hhhmmm, hole 3? what about 1,2,4,5 so I tried them.
    http://hole1.thehansofoundation.org hanso front screen
    http://hole2.thehansofoundation.org another picture without a face (looks a bit like JFK)
    http://hole4.thehansofoundation.org another picture without a face.
    http://hole5.thehansofoundation.org back to the front screen again. Same for hole 6
    Let me know if you guys have any comments

  15. Kendra says:

    Official LOST Experience sites:
    http://www.subLYMONal.com (part of a Sprite ad campaign) (added 10/05/06)
    http://www.letyourcompassguideyou.com (added 17/05/06)
    http://www.hansocareers.com (added 25/05/06)
    http://www.retrieversoftruth.com (added 06/07/06)
    http://www.richerdeeperbroader.com (added 06/08/06)
    http://www.rachelblake.com (added 06/19/06)


  16. Scotty says:

    Hey all, just a little side note, maybe something u all know but maybe not. here goes… there is a hanso adoptions website i found, this is considered by me to be a piece of the puzzle after reading everything on it, (like i said this could be old news but iv not seen anyone talkin about it yet) anyway, my theory is this. “the adoptions concern taking babies from the island and giving them to caretakers in the real world to prepare them for their trials on the island once they return to take control from those already there. the “others” are the people who gave over their dna, to create jack, locke, mr ecko, ect ect because on the adoptions website it states “give a piece of yourself to make a better tomorrow” or something similer, any family members the “lost” had when they were in the real world were foster parents selected by the hanso foundation as totally compatible (see adoptions website) now the french lady whos name i wont try to spell, had her child taken because she rescued it from the dharma scientests in the first place, they, the “others” took her back. they are now taking back the “lost” as their own childern and will then reveal the truth to them of their purpose on the island. also, everything adds up to the spanish comic that walt found. reasearch it. im not wrong. im basing all this on ages of study on this thing and have alot more to theorise, if u have any questions or wanna rip me down for being wrong, go for it, i welcome the disscussion haha.

  17. megan says:

    How the hell do you sign into the dharma initiative website?!? ve tried everything and nothing seems to work. Please help. Im so curious. Thanks

  18. tiaviteIni harDma says:

    Keep up all of this hard work you people are doing..

    Im sure you will crack it on the RIGHT day… .

    4 7 1 7 19… 66

    REMEMBER: Books are good sources of literature…

    TURN it!!!! the SCREW!!!!

    Does the answer?? lay down below?? inside the fiery circle?? How At Those Cuddly Hairy / Pieces And Internal Never Time Inside Normal Guns….

    on the RIGHT RIGHT day ….x…. dAd 91

    Maybe theres 1 Left

  19. Adam Griffiths says:

    hey this guy who just posted sbove me has left a clue his little saying makes up the words HATCH PAINTING! and the answer in the fiery circle is 108! Add 91. but whats TURN SCREW and RIGHT got to do with anything.

  20. J says:

    You can try for years to hack the dharma site but no matter what passwords you try, it will never work. Even if you guess the right password, it will only work on computers powered by Dharma Industries.

  21. Whiplash says:

    sorry for offencive language but im going COMPLETLY FUCKING MENTAL HERE!!!!!!!! ive followed about 1 million links and been working at all these clues n shit for all the time i can spare!!

    the others
    Oceanic airlines
    and every forum involved..

    Fuck You.

  22. Adam Griffiths says:

    the only answer is that you can pay for the password for 30 pounds through paypal then you will get a pack through the post with every detail. by the way i haven’t done this so don’t think i’ve got the answer. but for all of those people out there that kbow it. fucking tell us you fuckheads!

  23. Whiplash says:


    Under the Title: History of the Foundation:

    In the error passage in which its got ERROR!!….ERROR……9*&^&&%sun*^*(*)((*&(*


    anyone know why it says sun? perhaps it is just some random jumbo but its also an english word.

  24. Adam Griffiths says:

    i’ve found out what the guys means about TURN and SCREW. he said read more literature theres a book called TURN of the SCREW. may be the answers are in there. i’ll crack the code don’t you worry then i’ll share it with the world.

  25. Bickles says:

    as somebody said before…

    at the end of 2×24 episode, the portuguese (or brasilian) speaker… looks like Jack…

    some people say that the end of the third season will be showed just on the cinema, does anybody knows about it?

    saludos, from Chile

  26. ellen & issy says:

    hey does anyone know how to spell celvin??? is it with a c or a k?????? celvin / kelvin????

    ok thanks.
    (and can anyone find out the login for the unnoficial dharma institute website?)

  27. ellen & issy says:

    hey on the orientation video clip, don’t you think that Doctor Marvin Kandle (the guy in the film!) is not saying exactly what the sound is saying (if that makes sense). His lips are either out of sync with the sound or he is actually saying something completely different!! Is anyone a good lip-reader???!!

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