Brad Paisley versus Kermit

Yes it’s Paisley (Brad, the country singer, not the pattern) against Kermit (not easy being green) the Frog, in a new viral video for Target. Thank you, IFILM Viral Video.

It’s a kind of dueling banjos meets celebs just chillin’ (non-sexually) in their suite.

Or something like that.

Brad Paisley Vs. Kermit the Frog

The whole thing promotes Target’s wake-up and tuck-in phone calls. This is the same ploy they hyped last year to try and fuel shoppers’ desires for cheap post-Thanksgiving goods.


2 thoughts on “Brad Paisley versus Kermit

  1. Brandon says:

    A couple of buddies and I were watching the football game on Thanksgiving and we seen this commercial twice. I missed most of it the first time, but caught it all the second. I started crying because I was laughing so hard. We were all rolling. It was rediculously funny. Could you send me an e-mail of this commercial? That would be awsome.

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