Clean Old-Fashioned Hate

In the 100th meeting between the University of Georgia Bulldogs and the Georgia Institute of Technology Yellowjackets, UGA prevailed 14-7 against Tech.

Nothing is sweeter than beating the pimply-faced, slack-jawed geeks from Atlanta every year.

I work all day just across the street from Alexander Memorial Colliseum on Tenth Street, so I see their yellow-garbed ilk all the time. It’ll be nice to have another happy new year, filled with barbs and taunts against the North Avenue Trade School.

Seriously, though, that was a hell of a game. A first quarter review-fest turned into a second half defensive slug-fest. Props to Thomas Flowers returning the ball, Tim Jennings intercepting the ball and DeMario Minter for covering the hell out of Calvin Johnson.

Oh, Tech got theirs. More first downs, less punts, better rushing – let them have it! We won the scoreboard battle and have won five in a row.

Once a dawg, always a dawg. How sweet it is!


One thought on “Clean Old-Fashioned Hate

  1. Josh says:

    Since the North Avenue Trade School had to vacate games from 1998-2000 (coincidentally the years they beat us), we now have a 12 game winning streak!

    I bet their fans are so proud of their AD saying that they shouldn’t expect to win 9-10 game each year in the big, bad ACC. I say keep Chan Gailey on for 20 years!

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