Delicious December

You may have noticed a new feature of Mostly Muppet Dot Com, daily links from my account. Basically, I “bookmark” things online using and have that service auto-post to the blog on a daily basis. It’s a cool way to generate some fresh content for the site, plus I’m not relying on some buggy plug-in to keep a running tally of the links or create a separate page on the site.

I like the idea and implementation since a lot of my blog posts come from items I’ve previously saved to – most of my “coffee talk” too, so it’s nice to see the totality of my surfing efforts refelcted here. If you’ve got an opinion – good or bad – leave a comment and I’ll try to accomodate you.

Currently, though, is down because of a hardware failure. I wonder if the current problems have anything to do with their recent acquisition by Yahoo!? Too many new users, connections or bookmarks? Who knows.

What I do know is that in the absence of my number one Web 2.0 service (sorry, Flickr) I’m going to directly post some links here. Not my normal blogging style – I’m much more of an article/journal entry type – but more akin to the Dave Winer roots of the genre.

So, without further exposition, here are my links for Monday, December 19, 2005:

Once is back up I’ll add these items and you’ll probalby see a new post containing a few links from the weekend and today’s links, so feel free to ignore or peruse at your leisure.

And, downtime aside, if you’re not using, you should be. It’s a great, free, easy service for storing “bookmarks” for your use no matter where you are or what computer you have access to. Great site.


UPDATE: As gets ready to reboot, I have more links. Enjoy.

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