Entertainment goes portable, thanks to RSS

I’m no evangelist, I just report the news. Still, recent developments have moved with such speed, it’s hard to imagine what TV, Movies and other forms of filmed entertainment will look like in 2006. Best bet: you can subscribe to your favorite content via RSS just like you would any podcast, vlog or blog.

The Proof is in the pudding:

  1. Take TV Shows to Go with tvRSS
    tvRSS is just like Videora or TVTAD. Subscribe to a feed of your favorite show and get it downloaded via BitTorrent.
  2. blinkx.tv Streams Vlog Searches Into iTunes
    Great news if you want to subscribe to a general search term like “humor” or something through blinkx.tv. Similar to the del.icio.us implementation I’ve mentioned before.
  3. Japan to Get TV Via Internet
    Basically a true broadband network or IPTV implementation, courtesy of Softbank and Yahoo!
  4. BitTorrent Movies for Your iPod with Video
    VideoiPodder aims to find all the content you want (Hollywood movies & DVDs) and deliver them in a format suitable for your iPod video – all via BitTorrent and RSS.
  5. The TV Commercial Blog
    Not really “content” per se, but I do like seeing good ads so I’m subscribed to this blog. Subscribing via iTunes and watching on my video iPod would be ideal.

Granted, I’m cribbing a ton from Steve Rubel today, but he’s got the goods. A lot of changes in the exciting world of broadband video. Makes me feel like any plans we make here at work will always be behind the pace of change, though it seems more and more obvious that iTunes/iPod is the platform and some combination of search/rss/bittorrent is the delivery method. Add in a healthy does of broadband/IPTV through search engines and portals and I think 2006 seems like a lot of fun.

Now all I need is fiber in my home, a video iPod and more wireless-enabled devices/monitors and I can download and share all the content I’d ever want. Were you writing that down, Santa?

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