New TiVo Wireless Adapter

Once we got the new TiVo for Christmas the logical next step was networking it to our other TiVo and our wireless home network. After three unsuccessful trips to local retailers looking for just the right adapter, we settled on TiVo’s new, branded, wireless g USB network adapter. Thank god we ordered when we did, since it’s out of stock now. Whew!

I actually made a geeky Flickr photoset out of the whole installation process (such as it was). Basically, I took the thing out of the package, plugged it in and snapped a few shots. Head on over to Flickr if you’re interested in that kind of in-depth TiVo detail.

For those of you more interested in how I’m using the new toy, here’s a rundown of my networked TiVo doings:

  1. Find the TV series Firefly on BitTorrent and download it
  2. 5.6 gigs and 4 days later, I have it. Mostly because I got Serenity on DVD and I want to watch the show before I watch the movie.

  3. Convert the DivX files to Mpeg2 files for use on the TiVo
  4. Thank god for Videora and Videora Converter. In the future, if I want to jump on any TV show bandwagon (notably those that I’m over a season behind on and therefore can’t TiVo), I’m using these products in tandem.

  5. Use TiVo Desktop and TiVoToGo to share the newly-minted (and converted) file on my PC with either of my networked TiVos
  6. It’s too cool. You can see the result here.

Pretty cool, right? Plus, now I’ve got “multi-room viewing” which means I can record twice the number of shows and watch them in either room. Now all I have to do is consolidate my season passes and figure out what new shows I want to include in my viewing.

The short list:

  • The Office
  • My Name is Earl
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Veronica Mars

If anyone has other reccommendations, I’m all ears. Eventually, I’ll publish both Season Pass lists so you can all keep tabs on me.

Vivo TiVo!

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  1. […] I just placed an order for one of those TiVo branded wireless adapters. I could have gone with one of the other cheaper adapters on the recommended adapter list however, I’ve heard good things about this adapter and ever since it came out, I’ve wanted to give it a try. Unfortunately, the adapter is on backorder so I’ll have to wait a little while. I’m willing to wait because a number of people that I respect (Dave Zatz, Mostly Muppet) have said good things about it. I’ll let everybody know how well it performs as soon as it arrives. I plan on running a couple of tests to see how long it takes me to transfer a show wirelessly as opposed to using my current wired setup. Stay tuned… […]

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