Review: Truth, Justin, and the American Way

Here’s my brief review of Truth, Justin, and the American Way.

The Good:

  • Co-written by Scott Kurtz of PvP fame.
  • Lovingly rips off The Greatest American Hero, complete with cheesy theme song.
  • Giuseppe Ferrario‘s artwork/style – The man brings to mind Sergio Argones and his characterization of Justin makes me think of Groo, The Wanderer the last great humorous comic book I read regularly.
  • Sly references – I loved all the “hidden” cameos in the book: Fred Sanford and the like.

The Bad:

  • Five Issues is not enough. Seriously. I’m going to want more.
  • Considering my abiding love for humorous comics (notably Groo), I’d love to see more subtle flourishes.
  • Have I mentioned it’s only five issues?

The Ugly:

  • I truly hope there are more issues later on and that Image keeps supporting humorous creators and funny comic books. We (I) need them.

Extra Special links to whet your appetite:

I liked it, but I’m no judge of quality or art, I just know what I like, as the saying goes.

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