Review: Nestle Crunch Stixx

You know what, I liked the Nestle Crunch Stixx I got (free) well enough, but here’s my big issue: who would buy this product? Seriously.

The market they’re after is the casual snacker. The grazer. Someone who doesn’t want an entire candy bar.

Stixx are meant to be rewards, meant to be shared, communal. Isn’t that the purpose of the office candy dish?

I mean, sure, once we’re past Easter and not near Christmas, most individual candy is hard candy so maybe Stixx are the chocolate equivalent.

Or maybe we’re supposed to think of Twix (which I did) but then I’m wondering where the other half went.

Additionally, I thought the “wafer” part of the Stixx was meant to be a pretzel. It isn’t. I’d have liked it better if the sweet and salty were balanced a la Take 5.

In the end, I’d pass on Stixx. 6 sticks of Stixx per pack seems cool, but if you want the variety get some cheap Easter candy this week or stick with full-sized candy bard.

I, for one, see the market for this product as fairly small.

My two cents.

Another opinion.

If you want free Nestle Crunch Stixx, let me know. I’ve got a code to get you some. Just leave a comment.

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