Matthew Sweet

So I missed Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs (Sid n Susie) perform on The Tonight Show last night. NBC doesn’t have the video of their performance of Neil Young’s Cinammon Girl and neither does YouTube. Help me out!

To feed my Matthew Sweet jones (before I buy Under the Covers, Vol. 1), I’ve found some other sources of the sweetness.



Matthew was on 99x this morning talking about the collaboration with Susanna and the album of cover 60’s songs, Under the Covers, Vol. 1 and his fear of flying. From what I’ve heard, there should definitely be a Vol. 2 and Matthew should fly to Atlanta to grace us with a performance. I haven’t seen him since 2001 at The Roxy. Come back, Matthew!

So, until NBC posts a clip of last night’s performance or 99x posts the interview we’ll all have to settle for the links above or our own iTunes. *Sigh*

5 thoughts on “Matthew Sweet

  1. I stayed up to watch the Tonight Show segment. It was a nice performance (can’t remember the song). What shocked me though is how much weight Sweet has gained – he looks so different now.

  2. That’s right, it was Cinnamon Girl. I guess I haven’t seen what he’s looked like in a while. He hasn’t had his picture on his albums since 100% Fun, and that cover was a picture of him as a kid.

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