Neil Young: Living With War

Neil sings. You listen.

I only wish Reprise, Neil’s label, would let bloggers put a “lite” player in a blog post or a sidebar so I could serve you the songs directly. They have some cheesy pop-up code that gets you immediately into their player, but I’m not that guy.

Minor quibble, but still.

Tangent: I’m not happy with, probably because I’m not paying for it and I can’t incorporate it into my regular music-listening routine. I’m seriously considering RadioBlogClub. Either way, look for the redesign to incorporate some form of music player.

In any event, give Neil Young’s Living With War a listen. Worth it if you like his wheening, freewheeling style and you want to hear some protest songs from a man who knows when to protest.

Also see his official site, blog and MySpace.

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