Nintendo Noob!

It looks like I’m a Nintendo Noob despite the fact that I own a Gamecube, Gameboy Advanced SP and I have an NES in my cube at work.

I’m also in the market (potentially) for the Nintendo Wii (née Revolution) when it’s released, so I should have a leg up, right?


Guh! Thwarted by 8-bit graphics! (Again!)

Oh well, life goes on.

Take the quiz and see how much of your old-school Nintendo knowledge has survived.

8 thoughts on “Nintendo Noob!

  1. I made too many silly mistakes, like thinking ghosts n ghouls was called ghosts n goblins and mistaking ninja gaiden for shinobi… Nintendo’s obvious nam games also threw me off (road racer and ice climber)

    of course, if i get perfection now it’s tainted…

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