Hanso Foundation update

In anticipation of tonight’s episode of Lost, “?”, and because I’m tired of updating my two previous Hanso Foundation posts [here] & [here], I’m recapping some of the clues and events relating to the Lost Experience.

Potential spoilers lie ahead. You’ve been warned.

Go to this URL, alerted to astute readers of the Hanso Foundation RSS feed: http://www.thehansofoundation.org/#section=bios

Click on the date beneath Hanso’s photo, October 28, 2003

You’ll get this sequence of events in an animation “narrated by Persephone:









VO: Where is Alvar Hanso? Is he hiding? Who’s running this place anyway?


The noises at the end of the message seem like mose code. Here’s my breakdown:

… / .- / ..-. / . / –. == SAFED (?)

Please take a listen for yourself and help me decipher in the comments.

Going back to the bios section, if you type in the “breakingstrain” code into the login field, or if you wait around long enough, the clock in the upper left give you the message OB:EY instead of the time. Clicking on OB:EY send you to http://www.sublymonal.com/, a site with the title subLYMONal.

Click on the screens using the “numbers” as a pattern. You’ll get this:

sublymonal message unlocked

code: Heir Apparent

When you’ve seen enough, click on the screen to be sent back to the bios section of the Hanso Foundation.

RSL also pointed out to me that there’s a message on the main page of the site dated May 5, 2006 that links to this press release from Hugh McIntyre.

Here’s the juicy nugget from the PDF, Hugh’s contact info:

(206) 861-5017/Hugh.McIntyre@thehansofoundation.org

The number is for a Seattle, Washington area phone, but it’s out of service. Go figure. No response on my emails to Hugh either. Maybe I should use the subject line “Heir Apparent”, or maybe Hugh is the heir apparent to Alvar Hanso?

Oh, and the mail sent to the email address shown goes through, but the mailto: email address, which is just mcintyre@thehansofoundation.org get returned as undeliverable.

And just so you know, you should all be reading RSL. He writes great post, both Lost and non-Lost and his recent Hanso Foundation post spurred me to write mine.

His best find: this Flickr photoset.

More Lost goodness after tonight’s episode.


UPDATE: Put the “heir apparent” code in the space on Dr. Thomas Mittelwerk’s bio page to get some interesting new content [Via And Found]

Persephone asks the following:

Caltech has no record of this guy in their alumni database. He’s never made a tuition payment. Does he even have a college degree? Why does he call himself a doctor? Of what. Who is this clown?

UPDATE II: Tangentially-related, non-official sites worth exploring. Could they possibly be related to the Lost Experience?


55 thoughts on “Hanso Foundation update

  1. The Hanso Foundation…

    In the last commercial break of Lost: Two For The Road, ABC ran an ad for the Hanso Foundation, complete with toll-free number: 1-877-HANSORG or 1-877-426-7674.
    I finally got through after several failed tries and heard this menu from a polite and vagu…

  2. The Hanso Foundation part 2…

    This is a follow-up post to the Hanso Foundation post I wrote early this morning.
    Here are the first two “updates” via the Hanso Foundation website’s RSS Feed:
    thehansofoundation.org relaunches
    The Hanso Foundation stands at the vangu…

  3. nicole says:

    That’s what i’ve been thinking…… will the people just watching the show find all this stuff out? i supposed we will be in the lost experience! And how does us finding stuff out really benefit us as we will know whats going on?
    curiosity killed the cat

  4. Lost: ?…

    An Eko/Locke love-fest of an episode that vacillated between skepticism and faith. Rock on.
    Plus, more embedded clues to the Lost Experience in a new Hanso Foundation ad, featuring sublymonal. Yummy. Check my previous post for all the latest clues.

  5. Richie says:

    they ran the ad during “Two for?” man, this is why you shouldnt just watch the episodes on ITunes….im lucky i caught it tonight…

  6. Karel Paborsky says:

    I got SAFEG with the morse code. I realise it doesn’t make anymore sense. I’m hoping probably as you are that this goes into one of those login boxes.

    I got
    … l .- l ..-. l . l –.

  7. alf says:

    In the hanso site there is some interesting correspondance if (once signed in with the password) you go to joop’s page and send him a message. I typed “breaking Strain” but I think anything will work.

  8. 72 65 83 32 87 73 78 32 72 79 83 84 32 80 67 32 73 78 32 78 73 76 32 85 82 71 69 46 32 56 44 32 110 111 116 32 49 32 97 110 100 32 54 46 =
    HAS XIN HOST PC IN NIL URGE. 8, not 1 and 6.

  9. 72 65 83 32 87 73 78 32 72 79 83 84 32 80 67 32 73 78 32 78 73 76 32 85 82 71 69 46 32 56 44 32 110 111 116 32 49 32 97 110 100 32 54 46

    slight amendment to David’s comment, the translation is:
    HAS WIN HOST PC IN NIL URGE. 8, not 1 and 6.

    sorry, I know i’m picky, don’t have a clue what it means yet though!

  10. OB:EY and other Hanso Foundation and Lost goodies…

    Ok, so I’ve been meaning to do this update all day but sometimes my day job gets in the way of my blogging. Damn the man!
    So it’s been pointed out to me that the OB:EY message on The Hanso Foundation website leading to subLYMONal is actual…

  11. Kevin says:

    I called 1-877-HANSORG. Pressed 1 for information and I swear I heard Alex’s voice cut into the messaging system, saying something about not listening to anything of what the woman on the phone says… then I thought I heard her say that there is ANOTHER set of numbers… then she says the password but it’s too staticky for me to hear!

    What’s worse? This only happened the FIRST time I called. Ever since then, the messaging system goes uninterrupted, full address of the Hanso Foundation and everything! Did anyone catch the password???

  12. joe says:

    if you send joop a mesage, you’ll be taken to a picture of what looks like an MRI of a brain (left and right hemispheres) with some circles emerging out of it. Click on the circles and eventually a red circle will pop up in the center and you’ll be taken to a memo by GWC (global welfare consortium) about a new disease strain of in Tanzania

  13. Urt says:

    Okey, so I called the number on the pdf “press release” (you find it on the homepage of hansofoundation.org) which alladgedly goes to Hugh McIntyre. There was a female voice telling me the number is not in use, and the she said “message: 3g3tc1” I’ve tried putting the code into every possible box on the site without success. Can anyone find good use of it???

  14. Interesting side note:

    The other winners on this site are movie references, I think.

    For example “David and Diana Murphy – $1 Million” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indecent_Proposal

    Sam and Eric Merridew – $195.4 Million

    Russell Johnson – $85.1 Million

    Ty Webb – $70,000
    “Chevy Chase plays Ty Webb” – “Lacey: Here’s an uncashed check for $70,000.”

    Anyways, I’m missing the Tom Aire reference one but this is insane, all of these people are characters in movies. And the figures they won all have something to do with their roles in the films they played.

    Viral Marketing kicks ass.

  15. Jack says:

    “call the call center in the tv ad section” This is the message I get from “persephone” in the news letter section.

    I went to the television ad section but I don’t find a call center….ideas??

  16. Jessica says:

    Under Newsletter (Sign up) link, I entered Heir Apparent and that creepy message came up. Can someone tell me what the password is?

  17. I called the 877 number I pressed one for general info.. I start listening to a female voice then it gets interruped, very hard to listen to she say to use the password from the website, I imagine Heir Apparentbut the question is where to use it… any ideas

  18. go to the newslettersignup type in a user name anything will work then type this password
    Breaking Strain
    WEIRD STUFF is anyone can figure out whats next a post will be appreciated

  19. Timbo says:

    Hey Guys… any thoughts or ideas about this one on the hansofoundation website?

    Active Projects>Worldwide Wellness and Prevention Development Program>World Map (At top)

    Then find the clickable area between north and south america and pretty much right on the equator (its small so check slowly) When you click on that then put your mouse over the area to the left of the map you’ll see some funky characters appear in a shaded out box. I really just don’t even know where to start trying to decipher them. Any ideas anyone?

  20. My last Hanso Foundation post (for now)…

    Tonight I’m posting my last full post solely devoted to the Lost Experience alternate reality game or the Hanso Foundation. Mine is not a solely Lost-centric blog, despite recent evidence to the contrary, especially all the Hanso-blogging I&#821…

  21. 1-877-hansorg PASSWORD says:

    I also called the number and after pressing one for information, heard a women interrupt with a password, but couldn’t make it out due to interference (static) I’ve been calling back trying to hear it, but it’s never played again since!

  22. bagelsOMEGA says:



    then go to 108 degrees
    type Y when persephone asks
    go to hughmcintyre’s file
    go to his mail
    look near ?budda?’s head in the middle and zoom in

  23. jonnyb says:

    Good find BagelsOmega! Also checkout pthompso mail. Between the two files, there’s a definite connection to is some connection w/ the Diamler-Chrysler and Jeep.

  24. Supermike says:

    BaglesOmega, now put “the mouth piece” in to the login space on McItyre’s bio and see what he does on his business trips….

    I figured this on out solo too!

  25. Brian says:

    The password for the newletter sign up page is The Mouth Piece , persephone comes up and asks if you can read this, you say YES and she says “Call the call center in the tv ad section” and is goes back to normal.

  26. Kitnap says:

    This is all just a trail to lead to their advertisers….jeep, sprite,etc. Each week they will send us on a wild goose chase and all we find out is that there is advertising for another company. BTW the bad twin sucks!

  27. Blayne says:

    How do you get into the Board of Directors? I have tried everything the Geronimo Jackson login name doesnt work, neither does breakingstrain as the password?

  28. andreas says:

    has SURVIVORGUILT something to do with this? I found it on Peter Thompsons executive bio page. the letters are flashing in his picture. any comments on that?

  29. Frank says:

    If you do that map thing there is some numbers at the bottom. If each number represents a letter it spells ORGANS. 15/18/7/1/14/19 = O/R/G/A/N/S

  30. Bill says:

    has anyone even tried to figure out if this url has any other features than the normal one? This was in the email folder of macyntire. http://p3x24.thehansofoundation.org/

    i haven’t been able to get anywhere with ANY logins with ANY of the above key phrases. none. I have a nasty feeling this whole hanso bull$h!t is a scam from a PR firm. It is bad enough last night’s show was a disaster. Sad really. If it hasn’t been obvious they are stetching this plot out for another season, it was last night’s show that made it so.

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