Elmo’s Dad in Iraq

I’m a little behind in my reporting of breaking Muppet news, but apparently Elmo has a Father. Earth-shattering stuff, I know.

But that’s not the crux of this post. The big news, in all seriousness, is that Elmo’s Dad is shipping off to an undisclosed location for the armed services.

Sesame Workshop and Wal-Mart have collaborated on a DVD to help kids cope with their own parents leaving home, starring Elmo and his family.

It actually sounds like a useful project, considering some half a million children of active duty personnel are newborn to 5 years old.

So Kudos, Wal-Mart, Sesame Workshop and especially Elmo and his parents for broaching this weighty and contemporary subject.

[Via BWE & TV Squad]

One thought on “Elmo’s Dad in Iraq

  1. On the streets of Hong Kong you can get bootleg DVDs of the Jerry Springer episode where Elmo’s mom totally confronted the wrong dude about being her baby-daddy and the audience is all like oh no you didn’t and Jerry’s all like whoa and Grover was all haha woman I tol’ you.

    Yeah you gotta see it.

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