Jenn and I are several months behind in our bid to actually finish our “Spring Cleaning” but things are progressing nicely.

Since deciding to sell our house and then changing our minds and deciding to renovate our house, we’ve trashed, sold or given to charity roughly 40 boxes, bags and piles of crap. Seriously.

Last week we made a huge donation to AADD to the tune of 10 yard trash bags and 1 box. Mostly clothes, shoes and unwanted kitchen utensils, it represents about a quarter of the clutter from our basement/garage area.

AADD pickup

I didn’t take a picture of the curbside trash tower this morning, but it was a beauty. About 15 empty boxes of varying size and description and an overflowing garbage can (grass clippings, mostly).

Give us another week or two and we’ll be ready for our big yard sale. More details soon; I expect everyone to stop by.

Not home-related, but we also cleaned out both cars and took them to be washed/waxed/vaccuumed.

One thought on “Purge

  1. Dan says:

    You might want to look into (for the future) using freecycle.org. I just read about it in my local paper and have perused their website. Basically, instead of trashing something that’s usable, you post it online to the county/area you are in and if someone wants it, they come and pick it up. At the same time, if there’s something you want, you search for it, find it and pick it up. No one trashes anything, so it saves on landfill space and you got rid of (or picked up) something. I’ll be joining soon myself. I know you donated to AADD, which is very noble in its own right, but you can also help others as well with freecycle. Check it out.

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