Housekeeping notes

No, I’m not going to bitch and moan anymore about the endless (three, actually) problems we’ve had this week.

Instead I have a brief note about this site and the next couple of days. Pay attention.

Jenn, Rae and I are going to be in sun-dappled, bucolic, small-town Michigan until Thursday. Because of this physical absence (My grandmother has neither PC nor broadband but does have cable TV), I’ve made preparations.

In theory I’ve written one post for each day I’ll be away, five in total. WordPress doesn’t have a built-in process as slick as Movable Type does for posting in the future, so without the benefit of a time machine I’ve done what I think will work (all the cool kids on the message board are sure about it).

If you see a stray ping or trackback a day or two before a post actually appears, don’t worry.

There you have it. Posts from the past appearing in the future as explained in the present.

I may need to lie down.

UPDATE: Ok, so I fucked that up royally.

Apparently I’m too stupid or maniacal to tick the damn “Edit timestamp” checkbox so viewers of my RSS feed or visitors to Mostly Muppet Dot Com got an early preview.


I promise to try harder next time. Or not.

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