So I’m a terrible, pathalogical hoarder of notebooks of all sizes and descriptions. Sketch pads, notepads, spiral notebooks, legal pads, composition books – you name it, I’ve written verse or started the next Great American Novel in any number of them.

Don’t forget shopping lists, phone numbers, threats and scraps ripped out. I’ve seen and done it all.

Of course, then, my birthday list (I’ll be 30 in October) includes the notebook made famous by Hemingway and Van Gogh: The Moleskine.

A recent blog post made me remember my infatuation with the leather-bound beauty of the Moleskine. That and Jenn has one gratis from work.

Yeah, I work on notebook jealousy and a desire to emulate great artists/writers of the past. Sue me.

I’ve had a thing for Moleskines since I first learned about GTD a couple of years ago. Still no Moleskine. Still no GTD system (not that I really want one).

Again, recently Yahoo! put me in touch with Moleskinerie and now I want a Moleskine. Maybe even for the Hawaii trip next month.

All I know is that I’m smitten and the Moleskine is the only thing standing between me and worldwide fame and literary renown as a brilliant novelist, essayist and bon vivant.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Of course, that’s also the reason I have so many projects in media res.


5 thoughts on “Moleskine

  1. I use my MoleSkin all the time and love it… and I’m so totally with you on the Great American Novel thing. Can’t tell you how many stories I’ve started, researched, or sketched out in my moleskin. What size are you looking at?

  2. I’m not really sure what size.

    I’m no artist, so something smaller and portable.

    Something I can hack to include tabs and a pencil-holder.

    I’m simple.

    I want the elegance and the mystique.

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