I love Criminal by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips

Based on this Blog@Newsarama post and Ed Brubaker interview, I emailed Ed about Criminal, his forthcoming Icon (Marvel) crime drama comic.

Here’s the exchange:

I’m not “journalist” per se, but I am a comics fan, blogger and a great admirer of your work (I LOVED Gotham Central!)

Let me know how I can help you out.

Seth Miller
Mostly Muppet Dot Com

Just spread the word, Seth, and post the link to the Criminal preview as many places as you can.


Can and will do.

So, here’s the Criminal preview. Excellent. Truly excellent.

If you were a fan of Gotham Central (like I was) this looks to be just up your alley. A dark, cold back alley full of nefarious folks, but that’s how we like it.

Also, check out Ed’s MySpace. He has some great video there.

Another Criminal video preview:


Oh, and Sean Phillips isn’t bad himself, either.

Second “Oh”: I really hope the delays plaguing Civil War don’t spill over to other non-CW or non-Marvel imprint books. I’d hate to see good, non-superhero stuff ship late as well.

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