Shitty list

I sprained my ankle (potentially a hairline fracture, who knows) earlier this afternoon.

As such, I’ve lost my immediate zeal for blogging and replaced it with a love of ibuprofen. You understand.

So, in the interim, while I heal, here’s a shitty list of thing you might have easily gleaned from my links or from reading my thoughts.

Get out of my head, telepaths!

Scrubs news:

Zach Braff looking at one (more) and done.

John C. McGinley is a softie. Though marrying a doula begs the question: is she pregnant already?

Comics ephemera:

The Batman Handbook

Slate publishes the 9/11 comic online

Newest “must-have”:

Archos 604

There you go. Bloggy goodness from an invalid.

Carry on.

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