Can’t wait ’til Lost-day

It’s here!

It’s here!

It’s here!

Links-o-plenty before the inaugural Season 3 recap post:

4 thoughts on “Can’t wait ’til Lost-day

  1. Why why WHY is Tivo out to get my boyfriend?

    Why did it cut us off whle watching en lag, forcing us to miss the last few minutes!?? Just because he can’t figure out how to set his timers properly?

    Son of a…give a sister a spoiler, will ya?

  2. Maigh, sounds like he can’t figure out how to set his timers properly, our tivo didn’t cut us off…

    did anyone sit through the beginning with their maws open besides me?

  3. That’s what I said – boobie twap.

    I caught a couple of flies in the first few minutes, hell yes.

    Okay, newest post doesn’t tell me what happened at the very end. We got cut off right after Sawyer threw her the fish thingie…I think. Damn, it’s all a blur now.

    If they know what’s good for ’em, the episode will be on iTunes (or otherwise downloadable) today…fingers crossed. I’m dyin’.

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