Lost: A Tale of Two Cities


An incredibly dense and busy episode (especially for Lost, which is saying something). The main backstory was Jack’s and the main, linear story dealt with Jack, Kate and Sawyer and their imprisonment after their capture in the Season 2 finale.

Here, as always, are my thoughts:

  • Juliet (Julie) and Ben
  • Juliet is the wife(?) of Ben (aka Henry Gale), possibly estranged. They are the power couple of The Others.

    Points to ponder: The title of the Stephen King book from the bookclub that Ben wasn’t a part of; Goodwin & Ethan’s real names decision to go by their real names and Ben/Henry’s decision to use a psuedonym; the “earthquake” that occurred just before the plane broke up.

  • Hydra Station
  • The much-anticipated underwater station. Juliet mentions sharks (Season 1!) and dolphins. Plus, that logo is killer.

    Ooh, and the other station (Phoenix?)cages, the beachfront brunch locale and the Hydra station are all close by, per Ben/Henry. I think they’re all the Hydra Station. See below.

  • Wear This
  • An Alice in Wonderland reference?

    What does Ben/Henry mean when he tells Kate the next two weeks are going to be tough?

    Added bonus: Kate is always showering and the interaction between her & Sawyer at the end is sweet.

  • Permanent Records
  • Is the name of Sara’s lover in there? What kind of question is “Is she happy?”?

    But I love the fact that Juliet says to Jack what he said to Kate in Season 1 (paraphrased): “It doesn’t matter who you were before, it only matter who you are.”

    Ooh, and what about Jack being told by his estranged wife Sara: “It doesn’t matter who he is, it only matters who you’re not.” Ouch!

    Also, I’d have punched Jack’s dad, not tackled him. The whole episode to that point had been building to violence so I’m glad Jack doled out pain in the past and got cold-cocked in the present.

    Plus, do The Others have dossiers on Kate & Sawyer as well?

  • Phoenix(?) Station
  • The zoological station where Sawyer (and eventually Kate) are being held. It could be the exterior of the Hydra Station for all I know, I haven’t reviewed the TiVo. Upon further review, it’s one big station, which explains how quickly Juliet moves from scene to scene.

    Who is the mysterious, wily and resourceful Carl? Why are Kate’s arms raw? What is in the Dharma Fish treats?

Those are the thoughts. Not the best, I know, but something.

Additional tidbits:

Petula Clark’s Downtown is playing in the opening scene.

I think Juliet and Jack & Kate and Sawyer make good pairs.

Episode title could refer to Los Angeles and The Island OR it could be Hydra Station and the Others’ city.

I’m sure I’ll update this post in the morning.


UPDATE: Fixed some logical errors.

Additionally wondering what exactly Jack’s dad counceled Sara to do and why he went back to drinking, especially considering he had an odd way of showing Jack his love, why would he care if Jack didn’t love him in return?

9 thoughts on “Lost: A Tale of Two Cities

  1. It is great having this show back on the air, and like you said, a great episode to start off the new season. Here are my thoughts on a few of your questions/comments.

    As for the “earthquake.” Was that not already explained as the Swan station going all magnetic meltdown?

    As for Jack’s question, “Is she happy?” I knew that was the question Jack was going to ask before he ever said it for a couple reasons, 1. it keeps the viewer feeling as though Jack really did love Sara and 2. it does not clue the viewer in to anything concrete about the outside world. Yes, Sara could be living happily ever after with the guy she left Jack for or she could be dead and in Heaven, which would also mean she’s “happy.” I don’t know… just my initial reaction.

    As for the confrontation between Jack and his dad. I don’t buy it. It’s obvious Jack thinks that his dad was fooling around with Sara. Jack’s dad never confirms or denies. Sara says his dad called her to smooth things over on behalf of Jack. Why is it that Jack’s dad would lead Jack into believing he had something going on with Sara when he knew that was going to make Jack go livid? Just doesn’t add up… there’s more there and if not, poor writing on that one itty-bitty part of an otherwise awesome show.

    And yes, the impression I got was that The Othes have dossiers on all the Lostees.

    Can’t wait for next week!

  2. Dossiers – yes. That’s why they were the ones explicitly selected to be lured in for experimentation.

    I love a good mind f*ck…at least where Lost is concerned.

  3. I had forgotten about the shark. My friend also thinks that Ben and Juliet were romantically involved. We know something was skipped between Kate putting on the cuffs and being put in the cage, possibly she was compromised?

    I thought their little village was awesome. I’m glad the show is back.

  4. Re: 2 weeks… I’m guessing that Benry’s set a time limit on the experimentation they’ve got planned for Jack, Sawyer, and Kate because A) like the Hanso Foundation they’re only doing evil deeds to [supposedly] achieve a greater good and so don’t want to create undue suffering or B) two weeks was [roughly] the time Benry spent in the armory and he’s merely meting our retribution. Whichever of these rationales is true will end up shaping who these Others are. Are they basically good-willed [if Draconian] reformers or are they pissed-off assholes who’re looking to vent a little steam.

    I’m also very, VERY interested in the dossiers. Are they in touch with the outside world via the internet or something? Have they been being followed for much longer than we think [think Libby following Hurley in the asylum]?? What’s up!?

  5. 1) To dpb’s comment, I think the “earthquake” is a fundementally (or at least slightly) different event than the sonic boom/flashing lights show we got when the Swan detonated to end Season 2.

    2) Two bears. Check. Only one dead, though.

    3) RSL: great comment on the dossiers. How much of them was done prior to the Losties crashing and how much is from the outside world?

    4) Jack’s dad. What did he tell Sara? Why are the two of them conspiring against Jack? Is he a Dharma recruiter?

  6. Seth, I just saw the “wear this” tape message as I’m rewatching the HD bittorrent I snagged. I just wanted to say that it does totally feel like an Alice reference and you, sir, made a brilliant catch!

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