Lost fans: never happy it seems

You really can’t win with these people. People like me. Lost fan(atic)s and former viewers.

Here’s a recent sampling:

Some people are pissed off that the Season 3a was a little too linear:

Season three lacked alot of that suspense and mystery. The audience was in on most of the mysteries this time. Hopefully that will change in the second half of the season.

Others are jumping ship because the plot is still murky and more questions are being raised while some are answered:

I’m done with Lost. It’s all about the MacGuffin now, and I’ve already done Twin Peaks once, thankyouverymuch. I’ll probably watch the rest of this season when it comes out on DVD, and if I’m home with nothing else to do, I’ll probably tune in, but it’s no longer appointment television for me. Luckily, Heroes has taken its place.

While I also like Heroes, Lost is it’s own beast. It follows it’s own rhythms. It takes it’s time.

Most of all, no two seasons are alike.

One was all about survival and secrecy. Two was all about some grand unification of purpose in both the Lostaways and the island. Three is much more about real character growth, and I don’t mean the characters growing, I mean their character as people developing.


Either way, just take your Losticil and wait for February 7th.

Oh, and for my part, I’ve been so slavish in my viewing because of my blogging habits, I haven’t enjoyed this season as much. If I had to fall into either camp I’d say I think the show has gotten too linear.

I realize the 6 episode arc was planned for a while and I know it was supposed to be self-contained an all, but it seems like it will need some resolution in Season 3b.

Rant over. Happy Friday!

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  1. That first paragraph doesn’t mean that people like you is former viewers, does it? I think I’m reading that wrong. Please say it ain’t so.

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