National De-Lurking Week

I know (well, know is a strong term; hope, perhaps) there are many of you out there in the ether that are either regularly subscribed or drive-by readers of this humble blog.

In 2007 I’ve really taken a good look at why I do this damn thing and I think I’ve produced some consistent posts, both in quality (subjective) and regularity.

The vast majority of folks who come here are coming via search and while I’m not one to do one of those laundry list posts of search terms, you most likely came here looking for advice on how to beat some casual flash game, see pictures of me on the set of Lost, buy a (now cease-and-decisted) t-shirt or watch a disturbingly cool animated film that I did not produce. You also likely won’t see this post as traffic for those individual posts far outstrip the main home of my blog.

So you’re not reading this.

And I’m still writing.

That’s because I’m doing this for me, in part to silence (or encourage) the voices in my own head that want me to write more, but also because I like having a blog.

It feels like home.
It’s far better than the myriad “personal websites” I’ve had since 1995.
It’s just a lot of fun to do.

Plus the blog, those who comment and those who I’ve commented upon have led me to some great new thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Blogging got me to the Atlanta Metroblog where I’m now the Captain, it got me involved with APWBWGTTD and and it connects me with friends, family and co-workers.

I love it and I hope you love me (from a distance) and will do me the honor of delurking and commenting today. I’ll try and do the same on your blog too.

Happy Friday!

[Via Amber & Thomas]

7 thoughts on “National De-Lurking Week

  1. Consider me a regular reader. No better source on “muppet news” then your site. So much to learn about.

    Also, find myself jealous when you mention the inner workings of Turner/Cartoon Network.

    Hoping you make it to this coming APWBWGTTD night.

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