The Day Off

Another MLK holiday, another fruitful day away from the office.

Ladies and gentlemen, the bullet points, please:

  • Garage jettisoning.
  • Thad came up from Newnan and helped us dispose of a loveseat and other “trash” from our garage.

    Books, mostly, but a full load of crap fit into the Suburban and made their way to the local thrift store.

  • Lucy’s vet visit.
  • She’ll likely be on cortisone for the rest of her life, poor doggy.

  • Bruster’s
  • A long weekend wouldn’t be complete without ice cream.

Back to the grind on Tuesday.

4 thoughts on “The Day Off

  1. Werd. I just saw that this post was actually from Monday. I noticed some of yesterday’s posts just made it to me [via RSS] today. Must be some kind of craziness. I just wanted to clear up that I didn’t think it was cold on Sunday. 😉

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