APWBWGTTD January Meetup

Well, the weather was shitty, the waitress was surly and the organizer of the event didn’t even bother to show up but dammit if we didn’t have a hell of a time last night.

Manuel’s provided as good a backdrop as any since it’s a neighborhood kind of place with a diverse clientele. Lots of cold, hungry people in need of food, drink and good spirits (both kinds).

James (james, actually) and I were the first to arrive, followed quickly by Barry and Rebekah, Robert and finally Ken and Josh. Check the attendance napkin for completeness.

We spent most of our mocking the walking stereotypes attending a Drive Out The Bush Regime Meetup in the upper room. Despite my inclination to agree with them about the policies, personage and predilections of our current President, the resulting crowd was laughable and decidedly non-affable. Our waitress – who said upfront that she was feisty and snarky – admitted that the wait staff draws straws to decide who among them deals with the crowd.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement, right?

So this information spawned a thread of dialog that was woven into most of the evening. A few URLs for purchase were discussed as well as a few hilarious premises for activism-inpired sitcoms.

A development and a press release are forthcoming.

Some points to ponder, unearthed via this month’s meetup:

  • What kind of activist do you like/would you become romantically involved with and would you like to play “activist bingo”?
  • Is “wonky” a word and is “discombobulated” and acceptable synonym?
  • Would you purchase a “Teacher Sex Scandals of 2006” calendar (forgiving the fact that it’s for last year)?

My answers are environmentalist, double yes and no (I’d sell them), respectively.

Leave a comment if you were there, you’re jealous or if you’ll be attending next month.

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