Cool, retro dad

Yesterday I wore this hip (to me), retro t-shirt from Target (I know). It featured 5 members of the muppet “cast” of Sesame Street.

L to R (since I can’t find an image and didn’t take a pic):

  1. Grover
  2. Cookie Monster
  3. Big Bird
  4. Bert
  5. Ernie

Now I think it’s hip because, 1) I’m a lover of muppets and Sesame Street and 2) I have a little girl who watches Sesame Street.

Her reaction in the morning was great. Naming all the characters and laughing it up that dad had such a cool shirt.

Picking her up from daycare was even more of a treat. The kids were having a late afternoon snack and the captive audience was overjoyed at seeing familiar friends emblazoned on the chest of an adult.

One kid kept incorrectly reiterating that Elmo was there but he wasn’t.

Elmo is red and there were no red Muppets to be found. Besides, this was a pantheon of first-generation Muppets, not the syrupy sweet Elmo.

It could only have been better if Snuffy and Oscar the Grouch were on the shirt. Maybe even Prarie Dawn or Guy Smiley.

That said, for the time being, I’m the coolest adult those kids (mine included) know. I’m the belle of the ball. I’m the cool dad.

I only hope I have the same power and influence in her teenage years.

In the meantime, we both have Sesame Street.

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