Tuesday Trifecta

Three comics-related items of note today:

  1. Grabbingsand deconstructs Spidey/Hostess Ad
  2. Far more realistic concerning marriage than the goofiness of Civil War. Better if it had been Reed and Sue, but still.

  3. MySpace Comic Books launches
  4. I’m a friend. Still not as good as the blogs of Peter David or Warren Ellis, but it’s early.

  5. Ed Brubaker wants you (to write an article about Criminal)
  6. I can give you a blog post or two, but that’s about it.

    Too bad TNT (my second network) doesn’t still show WitchBlade or, better yet, offer reviews of dramatic (since they “Know Drama”) movies, books and comics. Criminal would be right up there, Ed.

New comics I’m buying tomorrow? Who cares! I’ve got a stack stashed from the past month since we’re cleaning the house to get it ready for sale. I gotta worry about past issues before I look forward.

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