Conducting Code

I prefer music sometimes to blogging.

I don’t have a persistent podcast (I tried twice), I don’t play in a band (I tried once) and I rarely listen to the radio, but being in charge of what enters my earbuds is often a better, richer experience than what leaves my fingertips.

I know some code. A little bit of it adds to the power of WordPress that powers this blog.

I can also conduct. I was drum major of my high school marching band.

But conduct codified isn’t actually conduct at all, it’s a set of robotic instructions. And I don’t know about you, Asimov, but there are no blogging laws for me?

Yeah, I realize the metaphorical, referential stuff is getting a bit thick, but I’ll take Dave’s version over Tim’s any day.

  1. Never knowingly say something that’s false. Permalink to this paragraph
  2. Disclose all relevant conflicts of interest. Permalink to this paragraph

I realize these men, these bloggers, are talking about different situations, but they do have similarities.

For my money, for my experience, for my blog the only rule I uphold is that I do this for me, by me and made up of me, warts and all.

While I don’t want to seem devil-may-care and I do think before I post, I’ll take what I have to say and do here over absinence every time.

And I realize this post is a rambling, disjointed mess. Not nearly as mellifluous or meaningful as what I listen to, but it’s an accurate reflection of how the music of the blogosphere influences me.

Post on.

Bonus linkage(s): don’t let people stifle your inner peep-creator. Be more like these folks and just do it.

UPDATE: Sean has the best code: Don’t be a douchebag

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