Tuesday Trailers

Since we don’t go to movies anymore – what with a four-year-old at home and all the moving and whatnot – the only theatrical, cinematic joy I get now is watching movie trailers. Pity me.

What’s on my playlist today?

  1. Transformers
  2. If that trailer (or movie) were to include the line “Transform and roll out!” I’d be in geek heaven!

    At first I thought this was the WORST concept for a live-action feature ever, but damn it if I’m not excited now.

    Although aren’t those the same meteors/asteroids from Michael Bay’s previous Summer Schlockbuster® Armageddon?

  3. The Golden Compass
  4. I haven’t read this book, I’m awaiting the next Harry Potter film and book and I’ve got a child due in July, but I am MAKING TIME for this one.

    What is it about steampunk dirigibles that is so cool? It’s like a live-action Steamboy.

  5. Limbo – The Organized Mind
  6. Not a trailer but a Jim Henson experimental puppetry piece from a 1974 episode of the Tonight Show.

    [Via PuppetVision Blog]


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