So the other day while brushing my teeth, I had a brilliant idea for a t-shirt: I [Brain] Zombies!

In my mind’s eye – which normally only sees novel titles or comic book plots while I lather, rinse and repeat in the shower – showed me a ghoulish, horror-tinged vision of those classic I [Heart] NY shirts, only this one goes to 11 features Zombies!

Turns out my mind works like the minds of many other folks, most of them more talented graphic designers than myself.


Still, I forged ahead with my own vision, using the new Spreadshirt and Chad Savage’s Zombie Holocaust font.

Heavyweight cotton T-Shirt - Men I [brain] zombies

Spreadshirt Market Place Product
I [brain] zombies

So please support my feeble attempt at a one-off design with your wallet. Or don’t.

If you want actual quality, craftsmanship and inventiveness, please consider buying a shirt from Seibei. I can’t speak highly enough about the quality, humor and horror-themed goodness that are Seibei apparel.

Oh, and use the coupon code “mostlymuppet” to get yourself (and me) a discount.

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Lastly, I think this zombie t-shirt idea eclipses ALL the I [Brain] Zombies efforts.

Zombie Thursday!

2 thoughts on “Zombies!

  1. Having nothing to do with the fact that you used Spreadshirt for your shirt (seriously!) … your shirt is way cooler. If I wore zombie shirts, I’d buy this. Now, I need to figure out which of my friends needs a Zombie shirt for the holidays. By the fact that I can’t think of one, I’m now realizing that my friends are way too normal. [Note to self: add one or two Zombie loving friends.]

    Thanks for trying out our marketplace! Drop us a note anytime to tell us how we are doing.

    Take care,

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