The Witches of Smyrna

Since we’re just a few weeks from Halloween – and I’m sure you’ve all bought your candy and decided on a costume – I thought I’d start Monday off with a bang.

First, the best conversation I had this weekend:

Some dude on Charmed: I have a feeling this is going to come back and bite me in the ass
Me: *Gasp*
Raelyn (age 4.5): He said bite!

When you live with a young child, especially one who will attend Kindergarten next Fall, you correctly assume that they’re listening to everything you say. Where you would be incorrect in your assumptions is that they fully understand all the nuances of what is said.

Clearly, we’re doing something right as parents (Ok, so it’s probably not the fact that we let her watch Charmed re-runs) because she doesn’t know the word “ass” yet. She does, however, plan on dressing up as a witch for Halloween. Coincidence? I think not.

We also purchased a little witch toy over the weekend that Jenn took to work today. When pressed the ghastly thing cackles and babbles like a shrunken-head version of the Tasmanian Devil from the Warner Brothers cartoons. Raelyn does an uncanny (and unsettling) imitation of what the witch would look like if her frozen form actually moved to the noises she emits. Priceless.

Our final “witchy” act of the weekend came last night. We were “spooked” by an anonymous neighbor with some candy on our doorstep and a ghost cut-out on our door. To make sure the entire neighborhood gets in the “spirit” (groan) for Halloween we had to spook 2 additional houses. Raelyn was by far the most eager and sinister helper. She sneaked up to both doors with me and relished in the surprise and stealth of it all. My little witch.

See everyone on October 31!

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