I never thought when I started growing the beard for Halloween that I’d start my 365 days photo set not long after, or that it would attract a, erm, following:

hope you keep the beard growing out!!!! awesome

and this:

maybe Thanksgiving??? I know you seem to like it trimmed, but you have awesome growth which would look even better at 6-8 weeks of growth. Hope you try! Thanks

Already I have two “fans” (and I mean that in the fanatic spirit of the word) who have added a few of my bearded photos – both recent and previous beard incarnations – as some of their favorite photos on Flickr.

I wouldn’t be nearly as skeeved out if one picture didn’t include Raelyn. It’s awkward, this internet celebrity.

The whole sordid affair reminds me of a certain Kids in the Hall sketch:

The beard stays, you go!

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