Watching and Waiting

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be spending your last week of “work” trolling YouTube for stuff to watch to stave off boredom.

Let me be your guide:

  • Lost Season 4 Promo
  • Add equal parts WGA strike, long hiatus and three engrossing seasons, wait until February and enjoy.

    UPDATE: Longer trailer and premiere date: January 31, 2008!

  • The Dark Knight Trailer
  • I still <3 Jack Nicholson’s Joker, but Heath Ledger has me very interested in this movie.

  • Van Halen: Hot For Teacher
  • The video/speaking drowns out the Harley Davidson thunder of a drum solo intro, but they sound nothing like the rest of the song.

  • Boston: Foreplay/Long Time
  • Speaking of overwrought, too-long opening intros for songs, have a listen.

Have fun fending off sleep.

UPDATE: Cloverfield! [Via C&T and ATL Malcontent]

Official Trailer

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