Teambuilding, Brand(s) and Culture

Today is one of those days at work and I mean that in a good way.

Working at Turner means dealing not only with the weighty history of Ted and The Braves and CNN and satellites making a mountain (TBS) out of a mole-hill (WTCG) but also the present ramifications of the entertainment industry. Talent, writer’s strike, TiVo and all that jazz.

But today is all about how we (TBS, TNT, TCM & Tru TV) are moving forward. It’s very cool.

I can’t get into any specifics other than to say it’s a joy and privilege to work here and I don’t mean that in some mealy-mouthed, corporate, sycophantic way. I really do love my job and today’s meetings only serve to reinforce my passions and the company’s commitment to our shared/collective passion.

Very cool.

Hey, they’re even throwing us a party at the Aquarium tonight and that’s never bad.

Sorry for the nondescript rah-rah, but I have a ton of great energy and, other than doing my day job even better than I already do, I figured I’d tell the internets, even if vaguely so.

Regular programming continues tomorrow.


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