Pre-Lost Badgering

Two more days and I’m still thinking, reading and discussing last week’s episode, The Beginning Of The End.

To fill the episodic void here are the results of a quiz I took. Apparently, I’m Charlie Pace though I imagine myself as some kind of Jack/Hurley hybrid:

Additionally, new commenter Matt (Just Matt) has an interesting theory regarding music and time travel. Check it out.

I don’t know how well this dovetails with my whole ghostly/astral projection thoughts, but maybe time travel or time weirdness is at play. It’s certainly something myself and others have hinted at in the past.

And if you’re still behind on Lost or just want to jump on late, hit up, they have ALL the eps in HD.

In other non-Lost news, I’m slowly making my way through the Hype Machine zeitgeist 2007. Fun for your ears!

Oh and playing WAY TOO MUCH Chain Factor. Beware!

See you Thursday night.

UPDATE: One last bit of Lost coolness, Sawyer’s Nickname Generator. I’m “Rinse N Repeat” although, sadly, there is no badge.

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