Ficlet Friday

So last week’s Ficlet Friday was driven/inspired by real life (mine) whereas this week’s entry, Unnecessary Accessory, is completely taken from current world events, namely torture, executive power (and privilege) and hubris.

Unfortunately, the above paragraph and my two tweets on the subject are far more interesting. Go ask Will (whose entry today is fantastic); he agrees.

This feels like the start of something… but I’d rather see what’s about to happen than what is actually happening here. In general, for flash fiction, I’d avoid waffling things like “if that even makes sense.” You’d already conveyed the uncertainty just fine.

I dare you to sequelize your own Ficlet, sir!

Consider it done. I’ll give my own work (previous work as well) some thought and try to write a sequel. It’ll be more interesting by half.

I just think I need to realize that the stories should be both self-contained AND able to be prequelized or sequelized. Right now I tend to write like I’m starting a chapter of a novel. Not. The. Case.

Anyhow, please read and rate the Ficlets. I want/need the feedback.

Oh, and if you’re stuck on naming characters ever, here’s a tool built on census data.


2 thoughts on “Ficlet Friday

  1. You’re exactly right about the medias res thing, I think. (I do it ’cause it’s the only way to keep me interested.) Your Ficlet today is well written, but it does feel like the wind up to something. No shame in that, I say, if you’re going to continue it in the next one, though.

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