Having mentioned participation already this week I thought I’d give a shout out to some of the active participating I’ve been doing recently: Color War.

What: Color War 2008
Who: ZeFranktw
When: All the time
Where: Twitter primarily, but pretty much anywhere on the internet
Why: Because Summer Campers shouldn’t get to have *all* the fun

This week I’m embroiled in a Scavenger Hunt using Google Maps Street View and the contest ends tonight. Wish me luck.

I found out about Color War 2008 because of someone local (I’ve forgotten whom) who tweeted it. @driveafaster car, maybe?

Anyhow, if you know of ZeFrank you realize that he really loves encouraging folks, has a great sense of humor and can rally a ton of fun supporters around his cause. Color War 2008 is just for fun and if you’re on Twitter, you really ought to be playing. I’m on Team Khaaaaaan! if you want to join up.

And since I’m sharing the love about what *I* do, here’s a link to Lori’s plea to help her win Kroger’s Reusable Shopping Bag Design competition.

Good luck, Lori! And I already voted this week for the wife of a co-worker and it looks like the Atlanta area is well-represented.


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