Brewer’s Advent Calendar 2017: Day Four

Today’s beer: Bergbräu Pale Ale

I’m not entirely sure why a German beer assortment would include a pretty classical example of an English Pale Ale (more malty than hoppy; low alcohol; mineral-y body). It might’ve made more sense to include a German Altbier which is a similar style, just more traditionally Teutonic.

From the picture you’ll see I switched up the glassware to match the style. Not all of the contents of that big can fit, but it felt more authentic that way.

Now that I’m four beers in, I think it’s safe to say that while none of the beers have been amazing (4 stars or better on Untappd) they’ve all been good examples of their style.

And if they’re any indication of the health and diversity of the German craft/micro scene, that’s still really encouraging.

Some of the styles I’ve had (and those to come, since I cheated and looked at the calendar box) are woefully under-represented in the States, so it’s good to have a sample or two from their native land.

Happy Monday!

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