TV Guide’s Lost DVD

In this week’s issue of TV Guide, on the cover actually, there’s a pretty cool preview DVD for Lost. It contains some great behind the scenes/deleted scenes stuff from Season 2, a promo for Season 2 on DVD, a preview/promo of Season 3 on ABC and some other stuff. Here’s a breakdown: Exclusive: Canine Castaway […]

Lost Bits

I can’t quit Lost even though it’s all over. Last night I even mentioned to Jenn that all we’ll ever have of Lost from now on is “Previously on Lost” and that got me more than a bit depressed. Luckily, fans and haters alike are still busy dissecting what happened and making cool stuff. To […]

Lost: Across The Sea

After taking what seems to be an interminable sabbatical (actually only a month and a half) I’m back to blogging Lost for the homestretch. I’ve actually been pecking at the bones of a recap of all six seasons, focused mainly on *my* journey of watching the show and blogging about it. It has afforded me […]