Lost: The Substitute

After a lengthy hiatus (both between seasons and after the birth of Evangeline) I’m back.

A day late.
A dollar short.
Until something else gets in the way. 😉

Here’s a brief recap of things we probably all saw (The Numbers) and some of my pet theories.

Things we all saw/Things that relate to previous storylines:

  • The Numbers
  • 4 – Locke
    8 – Hugo
    15 – Sawyer
    16 – Sayid
    23 – Jack
    42 – Jin

  • Music
  • Search & Destroy by The Stooges. I’m an Iggy Pop fan but I think we can all see the foreshadowing of what that means for the Man in Black and Sawyer.

  • Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do!
  • That statement from Man in Black (over Locke’s lips) coupled with Ilana’s statement to Ben that maybe MiB can’t change the way he looks makes me wonder about the secondary effects of MiB fudging the “rules” suggested by the little kid.

    Bets on who that kid is anybody? Reborn Jacob? I’m open.

Things I think I think:

  • The Substitute
  • Obviously Locke is a substitute teacher so that’s one meaning.

    Locke’s body as a substitute for MiB’s original plans, if ever he had any.

    Sawyer as a substitute for MiB’s original escape. Same caveats as above.

    Any other hidden double meanings I’m missing?

  • Zipper Time
  • Folks on Lostpedia are calling this narrative device a “flash sideways” and note some of the audio characteristics of the transitional sounds used in the Season 6 episodes. Judge for yourself.

    I have my own, similar pet theory: both timelines are working towards a combined resolution that probably/likely turns on another “incident”.

    We’ve been told by the producers that the timelines aren’t alternate realities but I think Daniel Faraday’s metaphor of a skipping record (pre-“incident”) is still at play, only now the needle is either playing both sides of the record or two records or ping-ponging spots on the same record.

    Hey, it’s not perfect, but it’s what I’m thinking.

    Anyhow, I contend that both storylines are true, accurate and even concurrent.
    Maybe one is even influencing the other.
    Maybe not.

    Either way I think that the choices in both stories are somehow playing us towards a resolution that leaves us with only ONE of each of our characters.

    Hence: zipper time

That’s all I’ve got tonight.

Better timing next week.
Better thinking next week.
Better blogging as we know more.

Oh, and DAMN ABC and their “the time for questions is over”! I have more questions than ever and we’d better see answers in the last 12 episodes.

Season 6 is 25% complete!

Until next Tuesday!

A Conspicuous Lack of Lost Blogging

There will be NO Lost blogging tonight.

I REPEAT: There will be NO Lost blogging tonight.

You see, Jenn & I welcomed a new addition to our family today: Evie

Full stats:
Evangeline Ann Miller
Born @ 10:41 AM on Tuesday, February 2, 2010
7 lbs., 7 oz.
20 in. long

Mom & Baby are doing fine, but we won’t be in our normal routine (though we *may* watch the premiere) so NO LOST BLOGGING (OR SPOILERS).

And to answer the most obvious and oft-repeated question: NO, we did not name her after Evangeline Lily who plays Kate on Lost.

We named her after one of our favorite songs: Evangeline by Matthew Sweet.

Have a nice night.
Enjoy Lost.
I’ll see you all on the flipside, later in the season (maybe even next week).

Oh, and a more thorough, proper post on our Evangeline (with many more pictures) is coming very soon. I hope.


Preparing for the final season of Lost

I was already in the process of editing and composing this post when Bill’s “Annoying Lost Fans?” post hit Google Reader this morning.


I guess I’m *that* guy, so please forgive for sharing some links with the similarly obsessed among you. Everyone else, please avert your eyes (and ears) for the next 4 months or so.


I’ll start out with my own tongue-in-cheek video, Previously on Lost: What?

From the sublime to the ridiculous: a petition (from fans) to turn DisneyLand’s Tarzan Treehouse (formerly Swiss Family Robinson) into a Lost attraction.

Here’s the first actually useful bit of video I have: Lost in 8:15. A clever recap a la Sopranos in 7 minutes.

Contrast that video with some of the Season 5 bloopers:

If you’re into more official stuff, check out Lost University (in its final weeks). It’s the last of the alternate reality lite “games” for Lost.

Finally, here’s a slightly spoiler-y article from EW featuring the cast, Damon & Carlton and a brief Q&A with JJ Abrams.


See you on February 2nd!

Separated At Birth: Jeri Ryan & Cynthia Watros

I’m not sure there’s enough here, quite frankly, but I’m willing to put (digital) pen to (virtual) page and see who agrees and who dissents.

Both blonde actresses who’ve been on a few popular/cult TV shows, this is basically a comparison of characters: Ryan normally portrays sexy, unattainable women and Watros portrays sexy, attainable, girl-next-door characters.

At least that’s my reading of things. Feel free to agree, disagree or ignore at your leisure.

Tale of the tape:

 Jeri RyanCynthia Watros
Jeri Ryan
Jeri Ryan
Cynthia Watros
Cynthia Watros
DOBFebruary 22, 1968September 2, 1968
Height5′ 8″5′ 7″
Brush with infamyRumors & innuendo during her divorceDrunk driving

Happy Monday!

Lost: The Incident

Lost likes “events” – twists or fast-paced, dramatic story-shifters – to end its seasons:

  1. The Hatch
  2. The Turning of the Key/Stopping of the pushing of the Numbers
  3. The Destruction of The Looking Glass
  4. The rescue of the Oceanic Six and their decision to return to the Island
  5. The Incident (which could be the electromagnetism/nuclear bomb OR the loophole)

If you haven’t listened to the latest (last) Lost Audio Podcast (dated May 11), do yourself a favor and start there.

Damon & Carlton (who penned the second hour tonight) talk a lot about “Good” and “Evil” as absolute concepts and Damon even hints that those of us fans who have been paying attention (that’d be you and me, friends) should have a good idea of how the series will end from watching The Incident.

I could just start blathering about plot points or themes or memes, but I’ll try to stay rational and organized.

From the very beginning, Lost theorists posited that the island was either purgatory or the garden of Eden. I think the producers are still tweaking us a little bit, dressing Jacob in white (good/God) and Man #2 (his name in the credits) in black (Devil/Loki/entropy?).

I think the major theme of the episode – if not the whole damn show – is fate/destiny versus free will. The whole series seems deterministic to me, but I think there are two camps obviously vying to push the powers of the island one way or another to satisfy their own agendas.

Put another way: the island itself is merely the manifestation of power and men will see fit to use/abuse that power to fit their own philosophies.

Or I could just be pulling this all out of my ass, but that’s what I think.

As to how I think the show will end or how they’ll deal with the final season?

I think most of our characters will wind up just like Rose, Bernard & Vincent: happy wherever they end up; happy with the lives they’ve chosen.

I think Sawyer (whose character really grew this season, I think) had it right: what’s done is done and we can only chose how to respond to what happens to it, not try and fix/change it. But maybe that’s my own personal philosophy bleeding through.

I also think (since I’m starting each and every sentence in the first person) that Jacob’s insistence that each of the people he encounters embrace their free will, their “choice” and do good with it is in direct opposition to Man #2, who may, in fact, be the one pulling the strings on getting everyone to the island.

I’ll admit to not having a clue about the exact conditions of the “loophole” but I think that, far from drawing people to the island, Jacob’s intercession in each of their lives was his reminder to them to live their lives better and embrace the choices they could make. That doesn’t quite explain why he’d intercede and get Sayid’s wife Nadia killed, but it’s my theory.

So picking up on the theme of big events outlined at the top, I think one of the other big changes from season to season is our understanding of all the interested parties – the constituencies – of the island.

What started as “Others” became “Others” and Dharma become “Others”, Dharma & Jacob then “Others”, Dharma, Jacob & Widmore and now “Others”, Dharma, Jacob, Widmore, Eloise, Man #2, Ilana’s crew (who may be aligned w/ Jacob) and the internal schism of Dharma folks (Radzinsky versus Chang).

So here, finally, are my good, old-fashioned bullets, now at the end of the post for your confusion:

  • Black & White
  • Can it really be that simple? Is there a good & bad? Is it as simple as “Live together, die alone”? Is happiness the same thing as acceptance of the happenings of life?

    Here are the clothing dualities I noted tonight:

    Jacob (White)/Man #2 (Black)
    Jacob (White/Locke/Man#2 (White)
    Chang (White)/Radzinsky (Black)

  • Colossus of Rhodes
  • It’s been speculated previously that the statue was Anubis because of some of the paintings in the temple, but some folks are now speculating that it is Taweret. Interesting theory, since the history of that Goddess literally moved her to be both good and evil and to have an influence on fertility & motherhood.

    Basically, she’s a good catch-all deity for island events, though why she guards the cost (a la The Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world) is beyond me.

  • The Incident
  • The title immediately made me think of Ambrose Bierce’s An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge which is sometimes called An Incident at Owl Creek Bridge. Some eerie themes of false futures, death, twist endings and supernatural phenomena.

    I’m still debating if The Incident is a better reference for the bomb/electromagnetism or the death of Jacob/return of Man #2 via the “loophole”.

    What do you think?

    Speaking of which …

  • The Loophole
  • Any theories?

    Dead people who arrive via coffin get a free pass?
    People whom Jacob has saved (a la Locke after his great fall) get to come back/be reborn?

    And just where are Christian Shepherd and Claire and how do they fit into the cabin/ring of ash mythos?

  • Things in plain sight
  • Charlie’s DriveShaft ring
    An Apollo Bar
    Anything else I missed?

  • Flannery O’Connor’s Everything That Rises Must Converge
  • A morality story (really a series of shorts) that plays with the duality of individuals, their own personal hypocrisy and the interconnectedness and similarity of apparently disparate folks.

I’m sure I’m missing a ton and I’ve got loads of questions, I’m sure you do too (I sound like Mr. Rogers).

I want to know Locke’s fate, and I don’t mean that in a “purpose” kind of a way, I mean I want to know if the death he got is the final story arc for his awesome character.

I want to know who the Ajira folks work for and who eventually “wins” control of the island and what they “decide” – if that’s even the right word – to do with/for it.

I want to know if the island has any philosophy of its own apart from what those who use its power have deigned to do with it.

I want to know if the change our characters seek is possible, probable or in their best interest.

I want to know that some folks (maybe all the folks) find happiness.

I’m bad at this now. It’s nearly 1am.

Leave better questions and theories and notes than mine. Teach me.

Good night and I’ll see you next season.