Monday Night Brewery

I’d be remiss if I didn’t blog about the great time I had attending my first (but not my last) Monday Night Brewery event.

For those not in the know, Jeff, Joel and Jonathan are working hard to start their own brewery and, as enterprising entrepreneurs and fellow beer drinkers, they pass along the savings to us, the Atlanta beer community, by hosting a “party” every Monday Night.

Get it?

Monday Night Brewery?

Moving on.

After helping the J’s rename their Swashchuckler IPA to their Eye Patch Ale I(Eye)PA I’ve felt compelled to drink their beers, notably the I(Eye)PA but I haven’t had the time.

The usual suspects: Work. Wife. Kids.

So I planned on attending the December 8th brewing with Tony, Garrett and Russ only to be denied by a virus. Just my luck.

I went stag the next week, this past Monday, December 15th.

I found Jonathan, Jeff and yes, even Joel to be quite pleasant. Great guys, in fact, to welcome strangers and “regulars” alike to their home to partake of their beer.

I found a cool group of regulars – Colin, Matt and Melanie. I also met Brad, a fellow newbie/virgin, and Garrett who was supposed to attend on the 8th.

I had some fantastic beers. Not a one was bad, but I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t like the Eye Patch Ale the best. I’m an avowed hop head, which skews my views, but I was impressed by the floral qualities and drinkability of this IPA.

I also had a good, though a touch too-cold Milk Stout. It was fine if you let it warm in the glass. Plus, it was a very mild December evening, so waiting for the Stout to acclimate wasn’t bad, there was plenty of excellent company and conversation.

The third beer was their Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale which a lot of folks pegged as their favorite. I’m not a huge Scotch Ale fan simply because the style is very subtle, similar to English Brown Ales, but I still appreciated it. It would make a fine session beer though, but the Stout and IPA were “wow”ers.

My one regret: not taking any pictures with the camera I had in my back pocket. Instead, all you get is one blurry iPhone photo.

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If you’d like more, Mark Larson has a few from that night and Monday Night Brewery is heavy on the social media, so you can check them out on their blog, twitter or Flickr.

If I don’t blog again this year, drink some good beer for me and have a safe and happy holidays!

Monday Stream of Consciousness

Items on today’s agenda:

  1. I got a promotion!
  2. Seth Miller has been promoted to Senior Manager, Digital Marketing. Seth is responsible for overseeing the digital marketing efforts for a majority of the shows on and from the development of the digital marketing plans to the creation of on-air messaging to the scheduling of these spots. He is also our resident web 2.0 expert and is leading the charge on expanding our efforts on social networking sites, blogs and other viral outlets.

    My dad asked me if being a viral “expert” was a good thing. I told him “yes” especially because that meant I got the promotion.

  3. Today is St. Patrick’s Day
  4. NOT St. Paddy’s day.

    Also of note is this cool rendition of Danny Boy by Beaker, Animal and the Swedish Chef (which got a link from the previous post, BoingBoing and our own TBS Daily Flog among countless others).

  5. Metal Lullabies exist
  6. And they are awesome. Witness Itsy Bitsy Spider and Thumbkin.

    Gotta run these by Jenn to see if we’ll be playing them for Owen.

  7. When it comes to Lost, I may need Perspective
  8. Then again, who cares about Perspective, I want the rest of Season 4!

  9. New theme!
  10. Since doing the auto-upgrade to the newest WordPress (thx, Dreamhost!) and changing my permalink structure (w/ 301 redirects) last week, I decided the blog needed some Spring sprucing.

    No idea if it’ll stay this way but visuals are courtesy of Dilectio.

  11. Nobody loves Novelists
  12. Maybe I should consider another outlet for my creativity aside from NaNoWriMo this year. 🙁 / 😉

  13. A man died on the lake where my grandmother lives
  14. Sad (but true) story.

Happy Monday!