No Time Like The Present

2024 has been the year for speeding up (a move to California in 3 weeks), for slowing down (my marathon time, which was also in California), and for letting go (recently ditching wearing my Apple Watch every day).

I’m sure I’ll have more to say about the move soon (after it happens) but I don’t think I have it in me to recap the marathon. What I do want to type about is embracing a far less quantified self than I’ve been accustomed to for the better part of a decade: my Apple Watch.

Funnily enough the Apple Watch, and specifically the Clockology app, got me excited about traditional automatic and quartz wristwatches to the point that I bought an Orient Mako II and later a couple Casio G-Shock models and numerous micro brand watches.

The reason the Apple Watch hasn’t felt fun recently is the osteoarthritis in my knee. If I’m not running regularly – and I’m not – it means I’m not closing my rings and I’m not meeting the (admittedly) arbitrary goals I set for myself years ago.

It’s been a net drain on my mental health to have a tether on my wrist that feels slightly like it’s shaming me. Over the past month I only used it to get notifications from my phone, which has been a little overwhelming during a house sale, subsequent house purchase 2,000 miles away, and planning for the move.

Between my athletic deficiencies and my desire not to be pinged every thirty seconds, I decided to start wearing my other watches.

I’ve been matching my eyewear to my GA-2200-2A and fixing my solar chronograph for the Summer. I’ve broken out my all-red GA-2100-4A to warm it up before football season, and I even wore my modded Casio World Time over the holiday weekend.

The negative is that I’m definitely not keeping up with my fitness habits, but I feel so much lighter and less stressed without reminders every hour and every day that I’m falling short of my goals. But those goals were never meant to be set in stone and I’ve needed to adjust them for a while. Plus the break I’m taking from being so completely tied to my phone has given me the mental and emotional space to breathe and I’ve needed that.

(In an ironic twist I don’t track my breathing exercises like I do when I wear my Apple Watch, but I can metaphorically breathe easier.)

It may not seem like much but whatever fashion sense I do have is enhanced by a fun watch. Some are colorful (see the links above), some have fun complications like a compass bezel or a chronograph, but they all have more personality than the Apple Watch.

So for tonight the Apple Watch is charging on my nightstand waiting for my next run or workout. While it’s not in use I think I’ll be shopping for another fun watch for Fathers Day.

I know I don’t need another timepiece, just like I don’t need new eyeglass frames, but having variety to help dress up or down my wardrobe makes me happy. I also know I love the Apple Watch and want to use it mindfully as only a fitness tracker for a while.

It was time for a change of pace now that my pace of life (running, moving) demanded one. There’s no time like the present and if you’re checking your watch the time you see is always the present.