Meditations on Facial Hair

I’m a hairy dude. Always have been, always will be.

Manscaping, short hair for Summer and facial trimming aside, I’m always just a follicle or two away from being mistaken for Sasquatch (a nickname I was gifted in high school) or Grizzly Adams.

To be fair, I’ve cultivated some of it myself. Hard not to if you’ve got a nigh-unibrow. But still, I like to think I’m creative and fun-loving in my executions.

Enter The Expanded Beard Type Chart. It’s pure genius, you’ll want to click.

For old-schoolers who prefer photography to illustration, there’s also a handy Beard Trimming chart from 1884 out there on the interwebs. Worth your time as well.

We all know what happens when I decide to stray from my standard Van Dyke, don’t we? If not, feast on these:

Yukon Cornelius Seth

Fu Manchu

Thoughtful axe murderer

Maybe this is the year I tackle Whiskerino. I like the idea of doing nothing and getting a bird’s nest in return.

We’ll see what the wife says. Stay tuned.